"We are more proud of our character than of our reputation, because our character is who we are, while our reputation is who people think we are".

It is the entrepreneur who defines the company". Therefore we fully understand that you want to make our acquaintance before making an appointment with us.

Our entrepreneurs' experience until the start of Debiteurenbezoek Nederland:

  • Assembling company information and exercise quality control.
  • Account manager at a large supplier of credit management services.
  • Setting up and executing credit management policy at an international wholesale clothing company. Face to face conversations with debtors.
  • Deputy Head of the credit control department of a large international accounting firm.
  • Sales and account manager at a medium sized collection agency that carries the NVI Collection mark.
  • Manager international collection at the same collection agency.
  • General Manager at the same collection agency.

  • Since 1992: Personal Assistant to a partner of one of the largest law firms in The Netherlands.

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