Our services are no superficial tool and therefore less suitable for small claims or small default risks.

Our visiting services are meant for:

  • Mortgage and consumer credit providers
  • Insurance companies
  • Governments
  • Housing corporations
  • Professional collection intermediaries who fit in with our vision and methods

What are the benefits for you?

Our visit:

  • prevents real-estate auctions
  • provides you with an up-to-date (!) insight in the status of your surety
  • determines improper use of your surety
  • finds out the reason behind the non-payment, so that you can pursue your credit management procedure adequately
  • re-establishes contact with your debtor
  • makes sure your claim has a higher priority with the debtor
  • ensures direct payment to you
  • offers you an up-to-date insight in your debtor's income, debt, residence, and the means of redress. This prevents (court) collection procedures and additional (legal) fees
  • provides a positive contribution to your account management, creates appreciation from your debtor and contributes to corporate social responsibility
  • gets to know the person behind your debtor and separates the willing ones from the defaulters.

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