To us, a real debtor visit is an information tool, a collection tool and an account management tool all in one. Starting Debiteurenbezoek Nederland in 2006 is therefore a logical result of our long operational, commercial and managerial experience in the credit management business. (Who are we?)

To properly execute our clients' policy and culture and to be able to meet the requirements of each individual assignment, our experience and skills with regard to collection, information and commercial disciplines are crucial. These skills, among others, include: communicating on every level, negotiating, anticipating, ethical conduct, dealing with conflicts, persuasive power and empathy. It is not the company, its size or its technological development that makes a difference in this specialized service, it is the visitor. Only the visitor decides, apart from the debtor, whether the debtor's door will open, what information will be gained, how the debtor feels about the visit, etcetera. For that reason: Are you not keen to know who will visit your debtor on your behalf?

In order to appropriately execute a visit that is satisfactory for both debtor and client, independence combined with specialization is essential. According to us debtor visits should not be a "by-catch" for suppliers of other credit management related services or other firms that are, legal or not, affiliated with these companies. Visiting debtors is an independent trade; a fact that often fails to be recognized. Debiteurenbezoek Nederland is in no way affiliated with other organizations and does not conduct other activities.

Even though visiting debtors is nowadays frequently associated, and even equated, with the term "mediation", we pose that "debtor visit" has no relation to this.

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