Debiteurenbezoek? That's us!

Debiteurenbezoek Nederland is the first specialized supplier of a service called 'debtor visit'. We started our company in 2006, just before the economic crisis, the sudden call for social responsibility with regard to doing business and the (impending) rise of court fees. We have executive and managerial experience in credit management fields such as "information", "credit control", "collection" and "account management". The term 'debtor visit' was by that time still unknown. Our company name was therefore not chosen at random.

A lot of time and money is currently invested in technological means such as "sms bombs", automatically taped voicemail reminders and in trying to reach debtors via social media. These means have demonstrated their effectiveness, but they do not always bridge the gap between you and your debtors since not responding remains easy. Visiting a debtor is the most effective way to get a case that has become stuck moving swiftly again and that is why it is a welcome addition to many of our clients and their debtors, while also preventing unnecessary damages to both parties.

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